Get lost in the green and blue

UIUC has a huge, widely apread out campus. Within it, you’ll find a wide range of places.

One such place is the Arboretum. It is a large area of land (where you can probably get lost easily) with different views as you keep walking. And it’s the perfect place for nature photography…

…ohmygosh the butterflies! I was highly gratified when one butterfly (pictured below) was kind enough to keep still for the time needed to focus and take a photo. Butterflies usually aren’t that calm (no need to pass judgement on my blog title, okay? Okay.)


There were these tiny peppers in so many colours. A new entry on my Bucket List is to eat purple peppers somewhere soon.


The sky was all kinds of beautiful too that day…


A few sections of the arboretum (technically, most parts of the arboretum) are like something out of an old English novel countryside…wildflowers, long, swaying stalks, a small pond, a wooden bridge…


And this is probably one of the most interesting photographs I’ve ever taken. Again, I would like to thank the grasshopper and the tiny moth (look for it!) for taking the time to pose for this…


While roaming around there, I realized that the walks where your shoes get lost in the grass, are well worth going out for. It’s well worth the 5 mile walk, and the aching feet.

And I later realized that I hadn’t looked at my phone for the whole time I was there.



The Artful Butterfly

I know that ever since I started posting my craft projects, cards etc. on this blog (which at one point became quite a barrage), I’ve been writing less here. Also, as I’m slowly getting totally sucked into this wide new world of craft blogs, I realise the advantages of having a separate craft blog.

You can guess where this is leading, right?

Yep…The Artful Butterfly is my new craft blog!

Now, the posts I’ve already put up here, will stay here. But from now on, I’ll be posting, what my friends call, ‘crafty stuff’, on The Artful Butterfly only.

Do visit!