There are just so many beautiful, funny, touching and heartfelt bloggers out there, it’s hard to want to follow only a few. But sadly for me, my life as a student does not leave me with the desired amount of time to be able to follow all those amazing writers and artists.

But anyhow, here are a few of my favourite reads –

Alive and Clicking by Nidhi

Becoming Cliche

Live, Nerd, Repeat

musings of a twenty-something

Nascent Emissions by Saumya

Needlessly Messianic by Ankur

Nourish-n-Cherish by Saumya

On Windy Days

One Sister’s Rant by Bella

Peas & Cougars by Rae

Poet’s Corner

Reflections by Kriti

She’s a Maineiac by Darla

Teenage Babbling

The Middlest Sister by Nicole

The Spinning Arrow by Sahil

TheWhyAboutThis by Penny

Vignettes by Kriti


5 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. I was oblivious for so long, hence the delay in expressing gratitude. Thanks a lot Sanchari! This kind of encouragement nourishes the writer within me. :)

  2. Haha, well thank you! It is a very nice surprise to see that you have thought of me enough to add me to your blogroll :)

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