Late-night Musings: Pros and Cons

“Every single thing has pros and cons. Nothing is perfectly good and nothing is absolutely bad. There’s always some grey.”

Who said the above? That would be me. *thank you thank you*

Whenever I’m faced with difficult decisions, I’ve found myself making mental ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ lists, however cliched that might be.

Based on my extensive (twenty-something years) life experience, I have come to the conclusion that…

Every. Single. Thing. Has Pros and Cons.

All that changes is the perspective with which you look at something. When you change your perspective, something seemingly perfect can also throw up some negatives, or something which you’d judged horrendously bad, may start revealing some redeeming qualities.

I am absolutely sanguine about this fact…every thing in the world has positives and negatives.

And once you realise that (and try to remember that), life starts looking a little less horrifying.

Okay I’m done musing for tonight. But here’s when your musings begin. Try and think of something which has no pro or no con. If you can think of something, you get a cookie. A virtual cookie.



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