Early Morning Epiphanies : Addictions

I’m usually not the quickest to wake up in the mornings; I am a mumbling, puffy-eyed, ill-coordinated human being at least till my first hot beverage.

But some mornings, I open my eyes, I remember something I was working on the night before, and I’m instantly awake…rushing through daily ablutions so that I can get back to whatever it was I was doing.

At one point, it was my research into the world of crafting (it’s an ocean, and I emerged from it so much more enlightened, and also conflicted because there was so much I wanted to try but didn’t have the supplies to do it with). Then, it was fanfiction for a while (I learned what headcon, f/m, AU, x!y whump and TW meant). Most recently, it has been YouTube (let’s not get into exactly how obsessed I still am with that).

My point is, addictions can be of different kinds, and when I get addicted to or obsessed with something, I end up learning everything I can about it, and then after a while, I’m done with it.

Today, I’m obsessing over types of acrylic paint markers. See y’all at the other end of the tunnel.



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