Sleepy Acrobatics

There are times when I have cousins over at my place, and we only have one spare bedroom. So, most of the time, I end up sharing my bedroom with someone, usually a cousin.

I’ve noticed a trend…the kids almost always end up sleeping with one or more limbs on top of me.

Talking about sleeping with cousins always reminds me of this one trip a long time back, where I shared the bed with two of my cousin sisters, who promptly had a fight regarding who gets to sleep next to me (aw), which was resolved when they decided I would sleep in the middle. I spent the beginning portion of that night with one arm each in the clutches of one cousin (which they thankfully released as they fell asleep).

But I digress.

So I recently had another baby (well, I say baby…she’s 9) cousin over. She spent the night in my bed. And I spent the night trying to get her to shift over to her side of the bed.

Throughout the night, there was either an arm, an elbow, a knee or a foot on me somewhere, and there was me trying to subtly nudge her limbs back onto her own self (she wasn’t too energetic and I was too sleep-addled and polite, so not much changed).

Having gone through this, I remembered another case where my cousin baby brother slept in my room. He was a lot more energetic, and elbowed me several times in the night, but the situation was strikingly similar…some limb on me all throughout the night.

It’s important to note that only children do such stuff. Adults I think are too conscious of their own personal space, even while sleeping.

So what is it that makes my bed fellows gravitate towards me at night? Are they lacking cuddles?

I guess I’m just a really good elder cousin, and their affection overflows into their unconscious.

The compromises one makes for love. And adorable kids *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Acrobatics

  1. Get an extra mattress to sleep on!

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