Late-night Musings: The Journey, not the Destination

“It’s the journey that matters more than the destination”

I couldn’t find a definite, verifiable source which knows who expressed this thought first. Says a lot to it’s popularity I guess (that it’s been used so many times that nobody actually knows who said it first).

This quote has probably been paraphrased countless times by numerous people. And the essence it conveys is still as important as ever.

Whenever there’s something to look forward to, or something we’re dreading, there’s so much significance in the time leading up to that event. And if we remember that, it becomes so much easier to follow the adage of ‘living in the present’.

When I’m eagerly awaiting something, I’ve found that the level of excitement that the planning stage holds, is almost always more than the excitement on the day itself, firstly because the waiting period is usually longer than the event is, and also because sometimes, by the time the event actually comes around, you’ve thought out everything in such detail and planned everything so meticulously, that time seems to pass a lot faster.

Point is, keeping in mind this saying has proved helpful for me, as I remember to enjoy the process, the journey, the quest, the research, or the chase, rather than just waiting around for the end result.

Okay. End of philosophical musing for tonight.



5 thoughts on “Late-night Musings: The Journey, not the Destination

  1. The time leading up to the event is more precious than the event itself (there, I paraphrased both that quote and what you wrote again!). This is so true, even for little things like an occasion or traveling to someplace. It’s especially true for traveling as far as I’m concerned. I don’t travel a lot, but when I do, it’s the journey to get there that I enjoy most. Once I’m there, I lose the momentum and get impatient to come back.

    • Heartily agree! When I’m travelling, I’m so excited during the planning phase and the journey, and then once I’m there, it’s hard to slow down. I guess that’s another way of not being on the moment though :/

      • Yeah. :/ I especially love traveling through airports (of course via air :P ). It’s like every time I’m on an airport I enjoy just being there, passing through the gate, boarding the plane, looking out the window as the plane takes off, and so on. Once I’m there, I often spend the time in my hotel room. :lol:

      • Yes! I love the part of being in an airport or a train station, being on the airplane (the takeoff is FUN!)or the train. It’s very rarely that that excitement isn’t there.

        Good for us! We’re doing well at keeping the inner child alive I guess :D

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