Spring is here

Spring has always been my favourite season. And how can it not, when nature literally begins coming back to life suddenly, after months of dormancy? It’s like a naturally poetic time.


First, I thought this photograph was too bleak and signified only thorns and and despair. But it’s so obvious that it actually shows that even the thorns can’t stop the delicate new leaves from coming out. Did I mention spring is an inherently poetic time?

I love how the bare trees begin sprouting out again, I love how a lot of the flowers which were planted ages back finally open their buds and start blooming.

I love how the weather becomes practically perfect in every single way.

I think I just love the fact that spring makes everything seem so hopeful and possible…like an acknowledgement of the fact that the few months of the new year which have gone by might not have given you everything you desired already, but there are still so many months left. There is still hope for wonderful things to happen.

Okay. I think I myself get hopelessly poetic during spring. And now I know why I loved reading P. B. Shelley’s ‘Ode to the West Wind’ – because though it is dedicated to the harsher wintery winds and talks mostly about despair and destruction, it talks a lot about what is to come, and how everything will bloom again in spring.

O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
– Percy Bysshe Shelley (Ode to the West Wind)
Happy Spring!

8 thoughts on “Spring is here

  1. See this is why Singapore is annoying. People here will never understand these sentiments!

  2. Lovely post. I think the picture is perfect and sums up my thoughts exactly about this year so far – it’s been pretty rubbish (the thorns) but I can see signs of things hopefully improving (the new leaves).

    The days are getting longer and lighter here and the bulbs are starting to come up in the garden. Why not get poetic about it :)

  3. That’s a lovely photo by the way!

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