All you need is Banter, and Wodehouse

  1. 1. the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.
    “there was much good-natured banter”
    synonyms: repartee, raillery, ripostes, sallies, swordplay, quips, wisecracks, crosstalk, wordplay
  1. 1. exchange remarks in a good-humoured teasing way.
    “the men bantered with the waitresses”
    synonyms: joke, jest, pun, sally, quip


Banter takes any regular day into the category of awesomeness.

I say so, because I personally love banter. In any and every form. Especially forms including sarcasm, because what is life without sarcasm? 

So, it’s an absolute delight to find people who are good at it. I’m so thankful I have some friends and family who are good at bantering. Because frankly, it makes life so much better.

Now your admirable patience may be finally cracking, and you might be asking, “Why on earth are we talking about banter of all things?! Is there a point. Proceed to reach somewhere near your point”. 

The thing is, I have been re-reading P.G. Wodehouse’s marvelous Jeeves books. And I don’t think anybody could beat Reginald Jeeves and Bertram Wooster when it comes to banter. 


(from the internet)

Like, seriously…

BERTIE: Touch of indigestion, Jeeves?
JEEVES: No, Sir.
BERTIE: Then why is your tummy rumbling?
JEEVES: Pardon me, Sir, the noise to which you allude does not emanate from my interior but from that of that animal that has just joined us.
BERTIE: Animal? What animal?
JEEVES: A bear, Sir. If you will turn your head, you will observe that a bear is standing in your immediate rear inspecting you in a somewhat menacing manner.
BERTIE (as narrator): I pivoted the loaf. The honest fellow was perfectly correct. It was a bear. And not a small bear, either. One of the large economy size. Its eye was bleak and it gnashed a tooth or two, and I could see at a g. that it was going to be difficult for me to find a formula. “Advise me, Jeeves,” I yipped. “What do I do for the best?”
JEEVES: I fancy it might be judicious if you were to make an exit, Sir.
BERTIE (narrator): No sooner s. than d. I streaked for the horizon, closely followed across country by the dumb chum. And that, boys and girls, is how your grandfather clipped six seconds off Roger Bannister’s mile.

Ever since my first foray into Wodehouse, I have been an absolute fan, and there is no other author I would recommend as heartily as I can recommend Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, because if there has ever been books which have made me literally laugh out loud, it would be Wodehouse.

If you’ve never read Wodehouse, go read some now.

Like, really. It’s time.  

And once you’re done reading, it would be wise to go see some clips featuring Stephen Fry as Jeeves, because there couldn’t be a more perfect Jeeves. Also, Hugh Laurie is fantastic as Wooster.

February 14th is the death anniversary of P. G. Wodehouse, something I realized recently. So it seemed like a fitting thing to write about him today. 

(If I sound particularly formal or British English-y in this post, I blame the overdose of Wodehousian literature)



4 thoughts on “All you need is Banter, and Wodehouse

  1. > If I sound particularly formal or British English-y in this post, I blame the overdose of Wodehousian literature

    This happens to me too – whenever I read a book which has a very distinct writing style, I end up writing in that manner for a while :P

  2. “I pivoted the loaf.”
    One of the great lines in English literature.

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