Aaaand the good ol’ Writer’s Block is back!

When I describe writer’s block as ‘good ol” I hope you hear the sarcasm in that. Because I seriously want nothing more than this block to get lost. In Pan’s Labyrinth for all I care.

To tide over my lack of funny-things-to-talk-about, I’m going to mention a show I’m slightly obsessed with right now – My Mad Fat Diary (MMFD). It’s a British teen drama, and though it describes itself as that, let me make it clear that it is anything but shallow.

The show talks about certain mental health issues in a way which is more refined and crystal clear than any other show/movie I have ever watched. And it deals extensively with body image issues, an issue which I think every single person has in some way or the other.

I’m usually not much of a fan girl of TV shows, (except when it comes to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sherlock) but this show really pulled me in, hook, line and sinker. It’s an absolute joy seeing how the characters are built up and all the parallel stories come together. A lot of the predicaments the characters get into feel so relatable, and I am not ashamed to admit that I cried watching a few bits (damn there goes my cool dude persona).

You should watch it. It ended a few months back, though I got to know of the last season only a few days back. It’s just three short seasons, so just go watch it and thank me later.

Now. Next topic – A Movie I Do Not Like : Gone Girl.


I just watched this movie on TV, and OH MY GOD WHY WOULD YOU END A MOVIE LIKE THAT?!?! It built up the suspense, intertwining two different narratives gorgeously, and then…BOOM. The whole Haha-the-movie’s-over-and-we-left-you-waiting-for-more. Now this is why I’m such a proponent of happy endings and feel-good movies. Because when I sit down and watch a movie, I don’t want it to end and leave me all jittery and high strung. Ugh. I love thrillers and mysteries, but if the antagonist doesn’t get their comeuppance in the end, it just makes me mad. I guess I’m still a bit of a kid that way.


Okay, now I’m going to go and read some MMFD fan fiction. (HELP I might be obsessed)


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