Think about it. Think about it. Think about it.

There’s something new I realize about myself every few months, or sometimes, these revelations may come within a shorter period of time.

These are epiphanies; I have always had these traits, but something just happened…some incident or some insightful comment someone makes, which makes that light go on in my head, and I sit back and think, how did I not realize that sooner?

The post’s title may be slightly confusing, but it’s basically one of my traits.


It isn’t always a bad thing…it brings out new ideas and new ways of doing things. But it just doesn’t help when you’re really confused about something, and need to take a decision. This is what Wikipedia tells me is called Analysis Paralysis; too much analyzing, leading to very less activity.Because I think so much about everything, I generally don’t say anything that I regret later; I’m just too busy thinking about what I should say sometimes. Yes, the thinking is less when I’m relaxed and with people I’m comfortable with.Overthinking was one of the reasons I haven’t been posting regularly.I mean, imagine the possibilities when you’re (over) thinking! Anything from the colours I want to use while making a poster, to wondering about why British accents are so sexy, to thinking if J.K. Rowling will/should ever write another HP book, and moving on to cringing about how I hurt my leg and how ungraceful I must have looked.You get the gist. Anything and everything.There’s usually a train of thought which forms, and sometimes I actually have to stop thinking in the middle of an utterly and weirdly random thought, to trace back the chain of thoughts to figure out how I ended up at platypuses when I started from flax seeds.Oh well. It’s entertaining at least. Sometimes.



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