Here. Not here.

I’ve been in this weird phase for some time now. My mind, unfortunately, may finally be changing into that of an adult’s. Oh the horror! I’ve been doing mostly university work (dissertation, assignments, skill labs et al) and only been a passive observer when  it comes to the virtual sphere.

I’ve recently developed a love-hate (though more like dislike-hate) relationship with Facebook. I’ve deactivated and reactivated my account around 4 times in the past two months. I just don’t find anything useful enough to do on Facebook, but when I’ve deactivated the account, I get all curious as to what might be happening in my absence. It’s like a drug. And I need to get over these withdrawal symptoms. Really. This is one of those instances when you realize why a certain word is used to describe something. Facebook ‘addiction’ makes a lot of sense now, huh?

As for blogging, once again, I’ve been reading a few, skipping a few and not posting anything at all (obviously you know that). Same goes for my craft blog too. Thankfully, I craft just as much as before (maybe even more), but I just don’t post about it.

The reason for this lethargic attitude could be that whenever I switch on the laptop, it reminds me of my unfinished dissertation. This makes me feel guilty and I subsequently do nothing more than mindlessly surf. Yes, I know this is a symptom of trying to flee away from something I don’t wish to do (downside of being a Psychology geek – you tend to analyze all your moods in psychological terms and reach devastating conclusions).

I did however open an Instagram account. Couldn’t resist the filters. And such pretty photographs! Ideal for passive surfing. And then I enthusiastically posted some of my own clicks.

(If you’re a newbie Instagrammer too, then do visit me [Username : sanchari54] and we can hyperventilate about others’ jaw-dropping uploads together. If you’re not a newbie, you could still visit me so that I can gape adoringly at your fabulous work.)

Okay. Must get back to dissertation. Can you see it giving me reproachful looks from my personal folder over there? Ooh look! Butterflies! Golden butterflies!

[I shall return when I’m able to talk sense. Auf wiedersehen!]


10 thoughts on “Here. Not here.

  1. “The reason for this lethargic attitude could be that whenever I switch on the laptop, it reminds me of my unfinished dissertation.”

    This pretty much sums up why my posts are so sporadic, especially during the semester!

    Instagram. No. No. No!

    • All of us post-grad students are in the same boat, aren’t we?

      But but but why? There are some really fabulous photographers there who do NOT post only selfies. A lot of fascinating pictures…really!

      • Yes, well, I’m not a post-grad student!

        Hmm, I’m in the you-don’t-need-filters-to-make-your-photos-look-good camp. And the fabulous photographers are lost in the sea of breakfast-photographing overzealous hipsters.

      • Oh. Yes. Well, the sentiment remains the same, though my brain is displaying short-term memory loss or whatever. *sheepish smile*

        I’m kind of conflicted on this topic. I don’t like filters on all photos, but I also love the effect sometimes. And its not too hard to find the serious photographers amongst the…others! It took me a while to find them, but they’re there!

      • Classic Stockholm syndrome :P

        PS. You changed the template!

      • You did NOT just compare me to a prisoner/victim/hypnotized slave -_-

        Yep. Needed a change. And I love blue!

  2. Oh I feel the same way! Every time I log onto my computer, I just realize how much stuff I have to do and will do anything to avoid doing it. It is a curse…

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