I’ve been thinking

A lot. Maybe too much. With time, I’m realizing that a lot of my doubts and jitters are more because of how much I’m thinking about everything rather than the real thing.

Not good.

It doesn’t let me blog either. Sorry :(

I have done a bit of crafting though. I’d love for you to visit my craft blog – http://www.theartfulbutterfly.wordpress.com



4 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking

  1. Apparently an idle mind is the devil’s workshop or something :P

  2. Hi Sanchari! Please forgive my absence to your blog. I’ve been in Spain for the last twon months and the WiFi receptivity here is horrible! Methinks (ha!) that thinking is good. I have to schedule more time to do that. Lately it seems all I’ve done is laze on a beach. Yep, I have to follow your lead! :)

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