I have been really, badly neglecting blogging, haven’t I? As I’m sure you’re bored of hearing, I’ve been going through a few very confusing situations lately, and because these situations will impact my future deeply, I don’t have the option of staying complacently confused. So, basically, I’m not able to blog. And even if I steal in a few minutes of sitting with the ‘Add New Post’ page open, the words REFUSE to flow. Just simply refuse. Insufferable writer’s block and all.

Oh well. A proper post sometime later then? *sigh*

P.S. Sometimes some of the people “closest” to you, do some things which make you question your judgement about them. I wish this wouldn’t happen. Like, really.


2 thoughts on “‘Blankness’

  1. Ah, I know what you mean in your postscript.

    All the best for your confusing situations!

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