Passion for Mushy Confessions

I haven’t posted in a while, and realized how bad that is when I couldn’t accept a compliment about my blog because I’ve been neglecting it so much. Well, I shall post. Now. Okay? Okay.

So…there’s been a sudden rise in the number of ‘confession pages’ on Facebook recently. And when I say ‘rise’, I mean exponential growth and ginormous increase et al. Every school, college, university, department (heck even residential colonies) has a confession page.

And then, an anonymous confession form is made. I’m sure if Google was asked for stats, they would show an increasing popularity for Google forms, one of the lesser known aspects of Google’s umbrella of applications. I myself learned about this wonderful use of Google Docs because of confession pages. But I also learned in this period that OMG THEY’RE SHUTTING DOWN GOOGLE READER!! Why? Why?! It couldn’t possibly be scoring low on loyal users!! So why then?

But, I digress. The anguish about the Reader cannot be dealt with here.

So, confession pages. The anonymous forms. And then? The cryptic proposals and “romantic” (for need of a better word) messages. Just give ’em an anonymous form, and watch those “XYZ you’re HOT”s and “ABC I’ve fallen for you”s and “JKL you looked so pretty in blah”s come pouring in. Trust me. I’ve had an experience being an admin on one such page…which was fun at first. But then…

Everyone’s in love with everyone else, and they find a confession page to be a better place to let everyone know something (which is basically nothing really) than actually making use of their legs and vocal chords to let the person know face-to-face. Maybe then there would be some use of confessing your love?

And if you wish to confess your love anonymously, why do it at all? It’s not a fan page for the one you’re “in love with”. Why don’t you bloody well confess something which others would really care about? Frankly, I don’t think anyone cares about an anonymous amorous soul’s infatuations, other than for being at their Grammar Nazi best and tearing the language apart.

So all you secret admirers…being secretive is overrated. I’m sure the person you love SO much. would prefer you telling them in person than posting random messages on one of the gazillion confession pages, just because you find the whole act of being anonymous strangely exhilarating or whatever.

(NOTE : I just realized I sound hugely pissed off or angry or cynical about confession pages/people in love. Not really. I just cannot believe that most people only have their crushes to confess about)



14 thoughts on “Passion for Mushy Confessions

  1. Perhaps the confessors are looking for compassion or forgiveness. I think they will have to find this within themselves and no amount of cyber admittance will aid in that process. Reading others’ stories might help them, though. Who knows??

  2. thefroglyprince

    I use confessions as a topic on here to read. It usually gives you some interesting results.

  3. Oh man, the confession page that we have features some really disgusting things. I haven’t gone back in weeks.

  4. I know what this is: it’s a plea to your secret admirers to man up! :P

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