A Study on Telephonic Communication

The whole concept of conversing on a telephone (landed or wireless) can be quite an object of study.

For example, the existence of caller identification is such a boon! I have always hated the instances when someone (who rarely calls) calls, and then says, “Do you recognize my voice? Guess whoooo?”. I mean come on! If you want me to be in a situation to recognize your voice, you need to call more often y’know? So yes, I will love you if you just introduce yourself when I hesitatingly (but frankly) ask you who you are. Don’t torture me by continuing for another 5 minutes with a guessing game.

Because it can get really embarrassing. Once, I spent a good 10 minutes trying to emphatically convince someone (lets call him X) that he was in fact Y. In my defense, I really did believe I was right. Later, I realized that I was visualizing the correct person; I’d just mixed up the names. Sad, yes. Even more so because I really like X.

I also remember another time when someone played the ‘guess who’ game with me, and I promptly and assuredly told him that surely he’s my mother’s Uncle. Only when my mom took the phone and laughed her head off, did I smell something fishy. The caller was, in fact, my uncle and not my mom’s. Dammit. Why didn’t he just own up to that before I passed the phone onto my mother? What sadistic pleasure do people get from proving my voice identification skills as null and void? Who knows…the world is a tough place.

I’ve had experiences the other way around as well. As in, because my mom and I sound extremely similar on phone, there have been a lot of times when someone called and talked to me happily for a while and I answered back happily, till I was asked “And how’s your daughter?”. Uh. I’m the daughter. Sorry. I shall pass on the call to the mother. Kindly hold. (And yes, my mom’s been asked to “please get your mother on the line” as well. No, they did not mean my grandma).

The mind is so versatile…a voice can be imagined to belong to so many people!



4 thoughts on “A Study on Telephonic Communication

  1. Haha. Although I love asking people to guess! :P

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