Do you know what’s Spoken Word Poetry?

How many of you answered, “Yes I do”?

Well…why didncha tell me about it?!

I discovered this beautiful world of Spoken Word Poetry yesterday evening, with a piece by Sarah and Phil Kay(e) of Project V.O.I.C.E. If you love me (well, even if you don’t) please just listen to it.

Can you truthfully say that didn’t blow your mind away?

And this next one I watched, became another favourite

And so, after being enormously awed by this new genre of art, I went to sleep.

A few hours back, my sister put this up –

I cried while watching this one. So heartfelt. And so true, sadly. It just hits you right in the gut. You cannot stay disconnected.

I’ve given you something to obsess about for a while I hope. Because I’m most definitely in LOVE with this art form called Spoken Word Poetry.

You can check out this site too –


4 thoughts on “Do you know what’s Spoken Word Poetry?

  1. Ishani Chaudhary

    Fallen in love with it too…Thank you so much for posting this

  2. Whoa, this is quite something! I like it :D

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