Happy Birthday TSB!

It’s my dearest blog, ‘The Serious Butterfly’s fourth Happy Birthday!! Yay!

It’s been four years since I started blogging. Four years! Can you believe that? Four years back, on this day, I decided to take some time out from studying for my board exams and ventured into the world of blogging. Of course, it wasn’t called ‘The Serious Butterfly’ then, and neither was it on WordPress. But gosh…I’ve been through so much since then. The almost-eighteen year old girl then has changed in so many ways. And my blog has seen me through all of it. If you begin to read from my earliest posts, you’ll realize how much I’ve grown up (grown UP, not grown OLD…okay? Okay.).

I have a special thanks to give to all the people who’ve read all my ramblings and commented graciously and given advice, laughed with me, praised me, empathized with me and basically, walked hand in hand with me as I wrote my way through life. Thank you to you all…here’s a piece of birthday cake for you!

You know you can’t refuse a slice of this! (Taken from the net)

Well, here’s to many many more years of gorgeous, warm, lovely blogging and to many more friends across continents!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday TSB!

  1. What, four years already?! You’re kidding! :O

    PS. Happy Birthday to your blog!

  2. Sanchari, happy belated birthday to The Serious Butterfly! Four years! Wow! Methinks that is an accomplishment. Here’s to many more years of merriment and discovery! :)

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