We’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne

2012 was quite a rollercoaster ride for me. Like, really.

I graduated from college where I’d spent 3 wonderful, fruitful years. Then I went through a lot of soul-searching (to use a very cliched, yet apt phrase) so as to decide what I would do next. And I ended up at another wonderful university, doing Masters in Social Work, a course which is well on its way to making me a stronger person, ready to cope with the Big Bad World.

To be very frank, I went through a lot of heartburn this year when I didn’t get through some courses at some specific places, or when friends got through and I had to be happy for them rather than giving way to some comfortable self-pity and cynicism. Cried a lot of tears thinking I wasn’t good enough and that all those top-notch marks in college actually didn’t result in much. Realized that you have to be at least a little selfish to get yourself heard and to protect yourself.

A friend who’d decided to suddenly cut me off a year back, unfortunately stayed in my thoughts even this year. But I was happy and realized I ‘d moved on at last, when I saw that I forgot her birthday and could at last think of her without being pained at her having done whatever she did. So yes…you can actually move on.

Having joined a new course, a new university, I made a lot of new friends. And I realized that a true friendship, or discovery of a kindred soul, doesn’t need any time at all. It just needs an open heart and some warmth. I realized that rather than keeping yourself closed up within your own idle, prickly thoughts, it’s better to open up and give some people a chance to prove that they care.

WordPress and my darlingest blog also gave me many reasons to smile this year. I got almost 300 views on a single day once this year. I gained quite a few new followers who have stuck with TSB even with my erratic posting and rambling posts. Then I even started a craft blog to share my creative activities with everyone, and discovered the online world of craft which pretty much bowled me over.

Basically, it was a very mixed year, with highs and lows in equal measure.

But I am thankful…

for new friends,

for new experiences,

for a stronger me,

for the kindness of many strangers,

for the love of family and friends,

for being able to bounce back from despair,

for the blessings many do not have.

And I will keep believing in everything nice, and keep hope alive. Because it’s time to forget the lows of the past year…and take a cup of kindness for auld lang syne!

Happy New Year to you all!

Hope the coming year is beautiful in all respects!

(Author’s Note : ‘Auld Lang Syne’ basically translates to “for old times”)


6 thoughts on “We’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne

  1. I’m glad you’re doing so well darlin’. You know what life is generally like, it throws you to the water and its sink or swim. :P And there tend to be shark-y things. But chill out. It’s one life and no matter what, I’m going to hang around. ;)

    • The fact that you commented, makes me so much happier. And I’ve been near those shark-y thingamajigs. You’d know…I’ve pestered you with a lot of mad SMSs at those times. But I like being happy. So I am!

      And did I mention I’d find you and tickle you to death if you’re NOT around? Yeah…thought you should know ;)

  2. Wow, what a year! Well, I am officially a fan follower! I enjoyed going to every post you linked and reading up on all I’ve missed. I can relate to a lot of what you write and look forward to your posts this new year. I do a lot of my wordpressing on my cell and it’s a pain trying to catch up with all the blogs I follow on such a small screen. I take my laptop for granted but that’s changing. :)

    Happy New Year Sanchari!!

    • I cannot thank you enough for actually having the patience to go to all those different posts…and even commenting! Because I’m sure you understand how important that is for a blogger! :)

      A very very Happy New Year to you and your family too, especially lil’ Miss Lana, of whom I’ve become a fan as well! :D


    It’s a pity I didn’t know about it earlier! Also, your craft blog is amazing, I had no idea you liked all that!

    Also, I like how you write.

    Okay, that’s all =P Happy New Year!

    • THANK YOU!!! :D
      I know! I have no idea why I hadn’t let you know…you were anyway one of the few people who actually followed my old blog! :/
      Yes, I love crafts. It’s become a passion!
      And thank you again!

      Avery Happy New Year to you too! :D

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