Nirbhaya : Fearless

It’s a sad day today. If you’ve been following the news of the gangrape case in Delhi, you would know that the girl (christened Nirbhaya, meaning ‘fearless’ by a national daily) who was horrifically gangraped by six men in the capital on 16th December 2012, died of multiple organ failure. I’m not sad because this case was a one of its kind incident; horrific acts such as this have been carried out on women in India since a long time. But this was the first time that there was such a widespread protest against it. Everyone at last seemed shaken up and anguished by this sickening state of India’s capital city and clamoured for justice.

Some time back, I was full of anger. But now, I’m just…lost. Lost for words and lost for action. I’m usually optimistic, but I feel it ebbing away. I can only hope that laws are made stricter and changes are made in the judicial system which deals with rape. But how do you change the people’s mindset? How long will it take?

Not long. If each family can teach its sons to respect women and believe that aggression against women is not a sign of manliness, then not long before atrocities against women are stopped. The whole glorified idea of men being more powerful than women and violence against women being accepted as a way of keeping females under control, has got to be weeded out from people’s minds.

It will take time, true. But it isn’t impossible. So, it’s hope which keeps us going…the hope of a future time when women will no longer have to think twice before going out of the house and will feel safe.

Some day…we will all be fearless.



2 thoughts on “Nirbhaya : Fearless

  1. Sanchari, I was not familiar with the case but promptly “googled” it and truly, what this woman underwent is horrific! Indeed, she is fearless. How very sad that her life ended so abruptly at the hands of these monsters. Your post is a wonderful reminder of rape has to stop; men have to stop rape. Men can indeed be taught to be advocates for women and to help prevent these horrible sexual crimes. I hope that with time, the definition of masculinity will change and that men will come to understand that there is nothing manly about objectifying or exploiting women. Happy New Year, my friend! Hugs from Roxy and me! :)

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