The Pains of Being a Crafter

This particular picture I saw right now on Facebook, got me thinking.

I’m one of the many many people who love channeling their inner creativeness towards making some crafty things. While I’ve been into Art & Craft ever since I was a kid, I actually got sucked into the online world of craft only a few months back. While trying to use the Internet’s endless knowledge to learn more about the age-old art of quilling, I stumbled upon the numerous crafty videos on YouTube. And as I went clickety-click from one artsy video to another, I suddenly realised how amateurish my creations had been till now. I felt myself growing smaller and smaller in the sea, nay, ocean of crafters and artists to whose existence I had been, weirdly enough, blissfully unaware.

And it hit me.


Yep. It was hard to believe, even though I heard it in Yoda’s adorable voice.

So, as I kept on going deeper into this whirlpool of craft blogs and craft videos and craft supply stores, I realised how ill-equipped I was to be doing any crafting at all. I didn’t know about stamping! Or who/what Kaisercraft or Inkadinkado or Plaid (not the type of cloth, nope) was. Or about cutting mats or objects called Cuttlebugs (or Cricuts and Big Shots) or scoring tools or bone folders or PP and CS.

Obviously the fact that I’m writing about them is proof of the fact that I learnt it all the hard way…through immense confusion and moments of blanking out (when I thought PP and CS were actually code words to signify something I wasn’t supposed to get to know. Just FYI, they stand for Pattern Paper and Card Stock).

So, while I started to quickly gather supplies to make my crafting super-duper awesome (or so I thought), in the process making my parents realise that I was not to be left in a craft store alone at any cost (or face the ginormous costs…literally), I came across a few…problematic areas.

1.  There are a million stamps out there. And they’re all painfully beautiful.

What can you expect when there are literally hundreds of different stamps  for saying ‘Happy Birthday’? And with the revolutionary acrylic stamps, which take up less space while storing than the wood-mounted rubber stamps.

These are just rubber stamps. Don’t even get me started on Acrylic stamps

Each stamp is SO DAMN PRETTY. And I totally understand why crafters feel like buying each stamp they can lay their hands on. After all, when I first  got a taste of stamping, I couldn’t think of anything but getting more stamps for weeks.

But. They don’t suit my student’s budget. No, really. I’d rather not talk about that. Please. The pain is unbearable. Can’t you see that complete alphabet set waving out to me? Or those birdies and cages?! Can’t you?!

2.  There are a gazillion punchers

From numerous producers, and each with a beautiful motif. And some which are SO well suited to making me further lazy. Like the circle punches, which punch out perfect circles and come in ALL sizes!

And these are just examples of ONE size

Who wouldn’t like tiny dolphins and snowflakes of three different shapes and butterflies with ten different wing shapes? I mean seriously…they’re so beautiful! And perfect! Without any human imperfections!

Once again, wanting to buy ’em all is not at ALL suited to my humble  lifestyle. So I pretend to not see those corner punches winking at me.

3.  There are a million stickers. Obviously.

One for every moment of your life. Like, even about when you went to the washroom and wanted to make it memorable.

So. Many.

But jokes apart, I didn’t need to discover craft stickers to know the mind-boggling array of stickers available in the world. But I try to steer clear of stickers. Because once you put it down on something, it’s over. Used up. Finite. You can’t use it anywhere else. Ever again. Ever!! (The pain here is caused by the fact that along with being a crafter, I like being a thrifter. I like reusing things. And cannot stand parting with stickers. Period.)

4.  There are so many colours of ink pads for stamping. All of them desirable.

As varied as the colours that Mother Nature has created, are the colours of the ink pads. There are quite a few different brands. And they all have colours a teeny-weeny bit different from the other brand. Which are all pretty. Yes, they are!

Colour palette of only one brand. The other brand has a shade 0.02 tones lighter! And its SO PRETTY!

Each single colour may cost enough to buy a whole box of Ferrero Rocher. *sob*

5.  There are infinite different designs of Pattern Paper. And matched in complimentary colours too!

They come in complimentary shades and in sets. Life made so easy. And so difficult at the same time. And then there are these PPs which have gorgeous designs on BOTH sides! How am I supposed to ever stick one side down?! I lose out on one side of designs!! Why would you torture me so?!

6.  There are paper trimmers and paper guillotines which give you that perfect surgeon’s cut.

They leave scissors feeling quite inadequate. ‘Nuff said.

7.  There are machines which give you embossed paper. 

The fact that they look curiously like the pasta rolling apparatus, is a different story altogether.

Replace the pasta with some paper enveloped in one of the many embossing folders. Voila!

Oh well.

There are of course, many other factors which pain me regularly as a result of being a crafter, but they cannot all be discussed here. After I realised that my conscience would not allow me to buy some extremely expensive craft supplies when I’m not earning anything on my own, I went ahead with being unprofessional. I say so because without all these supplies (and some more), your work will in most cases never achieve the neatness and accuracy that can be got with these extremely helpful tools.

But, do I let it stop me? No! I shall not!

I shall keep on crafting, even if it has hand-written sentiments and handmade embellishments and lousy, amateurish embossing done with an embossing folder and a rolling pin. Because I love it. And the day I can let my inner craft-demon loose in a craft store without having to think about how I’m emptying my parents’ bank accounts, I might just buy that drool-worthy craft supply everyone’s hankering for. Till then, adorably amateurish FTW!

(AUTHOR’S NOTE : This post was not meant to hurt any crafter’s feelings. I know exactly how awesome in reality, jokes apart, all these crafting supplies actually are. And I’m not even bitter or jealous about this. But you have to admit that it’s slightly painful to not immediately have the budget to buy them!

The brands mentioned here are mentioned because I secretly love them. But it doesn’t do to let everyone know how awesome they are.

Also, all pictures belong to their particular sites. None of them belong to me. So stop thinking about suing me.)


7 thoughts on “The Pains of Being a Crafter

  1. Sanchari, you have the crafter’s bug! My sister caught it too, a long time ago, and to this day has a room filled with craft supplies that her children use in school projects. Her desire to craft lost its appeal as swiftly as it came on. But then, she has a short attention span so that might explain why! hee hee! I love to craft. I just wish I had more time and money for supplies! :)

  2. What a well-written post and I share your thoughts completely. I have bought enough punches, ribbons, embossing folders, card stock and all colours in 4 different families, glitters, and a heat tool, and the Big Shot, and……And, I can never get enough. Therefore, I’ve stopped buying and have been trying only to use up what I’ve got. I stop looking at new catalogues. I have enough to play with. No more guilt. Good luck with your crafts! Look forward to see your ‘amateurish’ yet beautiful creations.

    • Thank you so much for reading Janet! I can totally empathize when you say, “I stop looking at new catalogues”! It’s like a mania I think. And we have to step away from it once we have, as you put it, enough to play with!
      Thank you for your interest in my creative pursuits. If you want, you could check out my craft-blog –

  3. Yes, I’ve happily subscribed to both your blogs.

  4. […] and also conflicted because there was so much I wanted to try but didn’t have the supplies to do it with). Then, it was fanfiction for a while (I learned what headcon, f/m, AU, x!y whump and TW meant). […]

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