Almost 300 views in a day?!

Yes. The Serious Butterfly got almost 300 page views in a single day recently. Yes, I almost fell off my bed when I saw these statistics.

I mean, REALLY?! WOW!! How did this happen?! Too…much…happiness!!!!

And just when I was all ready to write a heartfelt post about how people don’t seem interested in my blog. So that post’s in the bin now, eh?

Well, of course it might have also been because of my Diary Revamp project getting featured on the awesome Mod Podge Rocks blogby Amy. Thank you again Amy!

And I guess my post about my best friend’s Birthday Wish also turned out to be lucky for me.

Would ya look at that tall tower on September 6? 292 views people!!

I love you all! Even though I don’t know who all of you are…but still. Here are 292 bear hugs to you guys!

Yes, I may seem very *stoopid* in being so happy about 292 blog views, but for me it’s quite a deal, okay? My previous highest number of page views in a day was 69. So quite a jump, yeah? So allow me this victory jig? *does said victory jig*

I can now die happy. *happy sigh*


14 thoughts on “Almost 300 views in a day?!

  1. Congratulations! We loved your interesting posts, so we’ve decided to give you a Grade 3 BlOgcean Award! If you want to know more about your award or nominate someone else, then visit:
    Our aim is to spread the love of Blogging and encourage Bloggers to do their best, so keep up the clever and brill work!

  2. Sanchari, its been a long time since you posted in poets corner, do you still intend to come back, Harry.

  3. OK, your welcome to come back any time, Harry.

  4. Haha, well congrats to you! Wow, that is such a huge jump. Well, they were all well deserved. At least they weren’t from spam sites, like a majority of mine at times…:P

  5. Congrats on the cool stats–you have an impressive blog :)

  6. […] and my darlingest blog also gave me many reasons to smile this year. I got almost 300 views on a single day once this year. I gained quite a few new followers who have stuck with TSB even with my erratic […]

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