A Birthday Wish

Few days back, was the birthday of my bestest friend in the world. We met when we were 13-14 year old girls, and we’ve stuck together and now seen each other become young ladies of 21.

We’ve always had a weird connection with each other; our fights were (and still are) always hilarious. And invariably, after every fight, whenever we’d meet the next time, we’d just hug each other tight and not another word was needed. We haven’t really left anything which we can fight over. Now we’ve reached the stage where we both know what the other is thinking without any words being spoken.

Quite a few cliched sayings somehow come true in our case –

Friend in need, is a friend indeed : After leaving school, communication was hard to come by. Months would pass without a single word being exchanged between us, even in this age of wireless, hi-tech modes of communication. But we always knew whom we were going to call when we needed to discuss something serious or worrying. And the fact that we didn’t constantly stay in touch never diminished the intensity of our friendship. Whenever we met, it was just like the last time. And we had SO much to talk about.

Opposites attract : We are not very much alike in a lot of spheres. We are both very independent individuals (hence the fights) and so we have different tastes in things ranging from music to food to clothing to everything else. We obviously have some common things we both love, but really…opposites have strongly attracted here.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder : I don’t know about her, but I realised how close we’d actually become only when we were placed in different sections in the eleventh grade. And then when she went away for her bachelors to another city, I missed her all the more.

Okay…was all that very mushy? Um…maybe. But then, she only gets it once a year :D

Her 21st birthday was one I’ll always remember…

Staying over from the day before,

buying a cake for her (in front of her. But the good thing was, she got to choose her own firework candles!),

making a special gift for her (which she, thankfully, LOVED),

doing a *secret* photo shoot for her,

watching movies till 4 am,

chatting about everything under the sun,

feeling like a part of the family (I pretty much am!),

having an amazing time!

Happy Birthday again Vids. May you get all the wonderful things you wish for. Stay blessed always. I love you!


5 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish

  1. cute birthday idea, plus check out that cake! awesome post and love best friend talk! :)

  2. My birthday is near!!I want it too:)..Congratulations on 300 viewers..It was a long due!!:) Keep smiling Ms Serious Butterfly!!:) P.s:- Are you on facebook??

    • :D I’d love to make you one!

      Thanks a lot Tanvi! Yes I am on Facebook…search for Sanchari Banerjee. The DP is, incidentally, with this same friend for whom I made this scrapbook.

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