Sometimes, it’s just so hard to have conviction about a decision when an alternative comes up, and more importantly when trusted people who truly love you, begin to wonder whether the alternative might just be a tad better.

So what do you do?

I believe you stand by your decision, but not just with stubbornness as your weapon. Have some solid reasons and beliefs about why you’re standing by the decision you’ve taken. Just being stubborn about something does not make it right; rather, believe in it and be content in your knowledge that what you decided is good and right in most aspects, if not all. In such a situation, you won’t need to fight it out to prove the correctness of your decision.

“Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge”
                                                                 – Leonardo Da Vinci

I seem to be thinking about decisions and doubt a lot, even writing poetry about it.

But I believe in my decision, and I am ready to stand by it. And that should, I hope, make the difference.

Do you have any ways of knowing whether the decision you’re taking, is going to be correct?


9 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Hi Sanchari. I’m that little fellow with choices to make, directions leading to who knows where. But we are on our Path of Life. If our heart and small inner voice says it’s okay then that is the way to go. Take care. Ralph

  2. […] years. Then I went through a lot of soul-searching (to use a very cliched, yet apt phrase) so as to decide what I would do next. And I ended up at another wonderful university, doing Masters in Social Work, […]

  3. I like this. Its not been easy to make the right decisions but as hard as they are to make, once they’re made – I *know* it was the right one. With the exception of one – the decision to move back to Texas to be closer to my family. Big Mistake! Hahah :)

  4. I think this happens to everyone, doesn’t it? But your point about standing by one’s decision not with stubbornness but with other good reasons to do so is really what matters!

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