Hyperventilating here!

I really am. But it’s because of happiness. So no worries.

But I might just die of joy; that might be a worry, yes.

I actually won something in a competition.

Yep. That’s the reason I’m hyperventilating. Is that weird? It is slightly, because I’m constantly reminded of Scarlett Johanssen winning that Icebox in ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and asking Bradley Cooper whether it was weird that she was so happy.

However much I may dislike ScarJo (just please don’t ask me why. Please. You’ll kill my buzz), I couldn’t help identifying with that feeling. I’ve never really won any online competition (firstly). Also, I’ve never won anything as a result of something I made myself.

Uh…I didn’t tell you what I won, did I? Um, yeah, sorry. Very excited here.

Remember this card here? And I entered it for the BGC 13 (Card Without Stamping).

I actually won that super awesome prize! Really!! :D

*happy sigh*

[EDIT (19 August 2012) : It’s here! ]


4 thoughts on “Hyperventilating here!

  1. Awesome! Good for you! Take pics so we can all see what you won!

  2. […] awesome candy I won at BGC 13 reached! Remember how excited I was about it? Thank you Tejal di (from Creative Expressions), for the beautiful stamps! One big […]

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