We All BeLOnG

This beautiful sketch was made by Penny, over at TheWhyAboutThis. And it’s not just an empty set of lines filled in with colours. We are all troubadours according to Penny, and I agree –

He is a Troubadour. In the middle ages the troubadour was a traveler. A talented and clever person who wrote and sang songs and shared stories with those he met in his travels, A little bit like bloggers today. Our travel method is a bit different is all. The words at the bottom say I BELONG with the word I BLOG superimposed over it. I hope you’ll share the story of the Troubador when you pass this award on to other bloggers who belong. It does seem to be the one thing we bloggers do well – Share!

With heart felt thanks, Penny

I think it’s a wonderful interpretation of us bloggers. And not to mention I love the illustration :D

And so, we all BeLOnG.



3 thoughts on “We All BeLOnG

  1. Thank you with all my heart for the lovely words and for placing the BeLOng badge on your blog. I feel very honored, again thank you so much!

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