To err is human. But not on WP.

It’s not like I’m proud of it, but I never proof read a post I’m about to publish; I’m quite hyper that way. If it looks fine after a cursory glance, consider the ‘Publish’ button pressed. And I recently realised, whenever the case arises that I make an error and update my post to correct it, I am sending a second copy of the same post (with the minor change) to my email followers.

So, I get very embarrassed whenever I spot a mistake or typo error later, because it means I will have to correct it (I’m a bit of a Grammar Nazi and cannot live with errors in my posts ) and that means that my followers will receive a second copy of the (almost) same post in their already cramped-up mail boxes.

So before I ramble on again, I’m sorry to have had sent that second copy which seemed like bloody well the same thing you’d already read through. I hope you didn’t grumble much.

While we grow up, we have to to forgive certain people for doing something irritating and pathetic, just because we are reminded, “To err is human”.

But WordPress doesn’t give you any second chances.


Proof read your posts, ‘coz once you press that ‘Publish’ button, WP will race off copies of it to your doting followers. And then when you cringe on finding something wrong, you can’t do anything other than press that ‘Update’ button, which will again race off another copy of the post to people who have loved and trusted you enough to submit their E-mail IDs to you.

Sigh. I wish WP understood the pain of being human.


6 thoughts on “To err is human. But not on WP.

  1. I’ve done that once. And had exactly the same panics as you. I force myself to proof read. What I really want is to get the item out there. Well done. I like your blog and thoughts :)

    • Yes, I’ve been consciously trying to proof read all my posts now. And that’s exactly what I want too…to get the article published quickly. So I guess that excitement is what leads to errors too.
      Thank you very much for reading Ralph! :)

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  3. Oh really? I had no idea it did that! Ugh – I update all the time!

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