DSC : Endless Card

This was such fun! An endless card is one you can keep on opening again and again and again…and again. And though it seems very complicated, it’s really easy to make.

I know you really can’t get the actual feel of this card without a video, but I just haven’t had the time to make one. So photos will have to suffice I guess. Here goes…

First panel

Opens along that sparkly blue middle panel…

…for the Second panel

This again opens along the middle green panel…

…for the Third panel. Then that blue panel centre opens up again…

…for the Fourth panel…

…which again opens up, bringing you back to the first panel!!

I hope it was somewhat understandable. I may make a video of it too, ‘coz I just love the…dynamism of this card.

Entering for –

BGC 13 : Cards without stamping

ICRC19 : Fancy Folds


(I now blog about my crafty and creative pursuits at http://www.theartfulbutterfly.wordpress.com ! Do visit!)


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