Confusing, Life Is.

While growing up, I was always one of those kids who’s ready with a smile on her face if you were to approach her in a friendly manner.
However, I was never the one who would take the initiative to approach someone myself  and basically take the first step. So, you could say I’m an introvert but only till you get to know me.

Now, what with having to grow up (which really sucks right now, y’know?) and all, I’m expected to talk a lot; far more than I am used to. It’s true that college helped me open up and made me more confident, but I still can’t be the one who can talk endlessly about herself. But during interviews or in conversations with strangers  who know nothing about me, I have to express exactly what I am within a small period of time.

Now, this is really tough. It usually takes me quite some time to open up and actually talk about myself, but now I’m faced with the situation that if I do not open up real quick and tell a complete stranger all about how much I’m suitable for a certain thing, I’m out of the running.

I’ve always been fortunate to get a lot of love and affection from family and friends for being one who could listen. And that could happen only because I could also keep shut and listen for a change. But now I see that it is those who were the talkers who can present themselves better in front of strangers in a short span of time. And I’m still stuck, thinking whether I should just say what’s on my mind without thinking so bloody much.

So, people found me to be a serious student and a dependable friend because I could listen attentively. But now I must prove myself to the world by changing this habit of talking less.

Confusing, life is.


7 thoughts on “Confusing, Life Is.

  1. Hey I didn’t find something wrong yest. In fact you were one of few who respond quickly .
    Don’t Think so much You are more than Fine. :).

  2. This should be of interest to you:

    I’ve found that through a lot of background in student TV, drama, debating, quizzing et al I have no problem talking publicly or in interview type situations. In my personal life though, it’s a lot harder to open up. But that’s what it’s like for everyone! So coming across as confident at a workplace or an interview is a different thing from opening up within a personal circle of friends. It’s like, having personas. Everyone has personas, not personalities.

    • That article is quite interesting.

      It’s true that in a work situation, there’s a completely different persona at play and it would be wrong to confuse that with my persona while interacting with friends. But I guess it’s just forming that persona properly that I need to work on right now; work in progress!

  3. […] Confusing, Life Is. ( […]

  4. You have a delightful way of expressing yourself. Don’t try to change too much, I like the way you are now and as for the rest I rather think it will happen naturally. I will enjoy following you.

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