Doing Something Creative : Congratulations Card

Had I just forgotten how much fun it is to design simple cards? I guess I had, coz I haven’t made too many simple cards in a long time (I’m not counting the big b’day cards I made for friend’s birthdays). Basically, I bloody well love making cards. Epiphanies and all, y’know?

I made this ‘Congratulations’ card for a family friend’s daughter who got married recently! Had to send it early so that it could reach them in Coimbatore (in Tamil Nadu). I’m sorta in love with the red and gold combo. And I at last made good use of my metallic colour pens!

I know, it looks totally amateurish, but I’m so proud of myself. Hee.


(I now blog about my crafty and creative pursuits at ! Do visit!)


5 thoughts on “Doing Something Creative : Congratulations Card

  1. looks good..seriously. i tried sm art nd craft recently nd it is very dificlt. Your card is very tidy.

  2. Wow Beautiful :D

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