Let’s indulge in some Poetry!

I’ve been writing poetry since a really long time, but it was mostly very private. A small little something in a teacher’s farewell card was what I think I began with. And as my classmates (and my teacher) praised me for having come up with it in 10 minutes flat, I realised that this was something I could do. So, poetry became a part of my life and my close friends were happy to refer to me as their ‘poetess’.

But then, life happened. Writing poems fell to the side as I grappled with the multitude of things life threw at me. I guess I could’ve multi-tasked and just kept on writing, but that didn’t happen. I did blog, but the poems weren’t there. And suddenly one fine day, I realised I hadn’t written poetry in years. And that was very painful. I needed to start writing again.

Well, you never know how the universe is working towards your thoughts, because just some time back, I got an invite from Harry from ‘Poet’s Corner‘ to become an author there! He’d read my poem ‘Walking in The rain‘ and invited me to be a part of the blog where several other awesome poets and poetesses are expressing their thoughts in verse!

I am elated! This is just what I needed to actually sit down and write something.

So go visit Poet’s Corner. Put up my first poem there! :D


4 thoughts on “Let’s indulge in some Poetry!

  1. Thank you for the plug for the blog :)

    Can you tell me which city, country you are from its for a page on site.

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