Working towards a SAFE Delhi

I’ve lived in Delhi all my life, and I call myself a Delhiite without a second thought. But the sad situation of security of women here, breaks my heart every time another gruesome incident happens. So, when I was approached by the Admin of a new Facebook group which deals with this issue, to spread its message, I was more than happy. Do read what the group has to say, and join the initiative.

Everyone is aware of the bad condition of the city of Delhi in terms of safety and security of women. You know it must be bad when it earns the title of ‘rape capital of the country’. If anyone seems unaware or indifferent, it is the administration and police.

I owe it to her
Responsibility. Long word, burdensome duties.
But I owe it to my little girl. See that she is well educated,instructed and brought up. It is also my duty to protect her from all harm by ensuring an environment where she feels safe
I owe it to all little girls and boys out there. I owe it to all the mothers. I also owe it to my city.

SAFE Delhi, a new initiative aims to do exactly what many haven’t/couldn’t – build awareness. Build a united front of citizens who not only demand answers but also seek to get concrete measures taken in the direction of women’s safety. This initiative was launched on Facebook with the primary thought behind it being that in today’s day, there can be no better way of reaching out to the youth than social networking sites. The philosophy behind such an initiative, made up and run mostly by college students, is that the power of the youth is untapped in our country. Once a formidable front is formed, it would be impractical for anyone to ignore our voice, and unintelligent of them to deny us our rights.

In All You Worship
Mother Nature. Dharti Maata. Bharat Maata and yes, the exalted Female Deity.
I am in all you worship.
Yet,as a wife,I am beaten, as a girl child, I am killed and as a stranger on the road, I am raped.
I’ve closed my eyes to your hypocrisy for long enough. Its time for the awakening..of my soul and your conscience.

Crossing Over
We are trapped in a time and age where self respect, dignity and free will are threatened. The moment has come where we need to question ourselves:
Do we stand on this side and suffer in silence, should we let others decide on what should be done for us, or should we cross over to the other side and bring about the changes that we hoped for?

The proposed course of action is to launch a mega program to draw in the youth to our initiative. Apart from online work, this will include sessions with N.S.S. and W.S.D.C. units of various D.U. colleges and getting support from local Resident Welfare Associations. The demands range from seeking functional police help lines to asking for increased police patrolling, mandatory presence of female constable in all P.C.R. setups etc.

This is a student/youth initiative which needs popular backing to be able to demand any action or question the authorities. Have a look at SAFE Delhi on Facebook and decide if you want to be a part of this initiative which seeks to make Delhi a better place to live in.

A Difficult Path
-“I tread a difficult path,a path laden with obstacles. But, I know it’s the right one.
The path I choose is one which will lead me to a city, which doesn’t differentiate,doesn’t is a safe and happy place for everyone. But, I know getting there will be difficult. Yet, I walk on.”


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