What Exams Do To You

My exams are over!! Am I happy or am I happy? Well, my parents are quite happy too…my dad keeps reminding me that I’m a graduate now. Heh. I don’t know how to feel about that yet; I still have sudden moments of sadness and nostalgia about college. I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the fact that three years of college is over. *deep sigh*

But, I digress.

So, what exactly do exams do to you (other than drive you up the walls)? Well, I did a bit of a study, the subject being yours truly.

1) Make you get up early *gasp* without anyone asking you to *speechless surprise*

I was really, truly surprised and proud of myself when I started getting up at 7-7:30 in the morning. I usually get up at 9am on holidays. Heh. Don’t sneer…you know you’d like to do so too.

2) Voluntarily give up TV viewing and laptop time

Making your mom very anxious as she wonders whether you’re feeling quite well. And then getting quite teary about how you’re all grown up now and can take your own responsibilities.

3) Makes you a master of taking decisions

As you strategically plan with your friends, or just decide yourself, about what topics you’re going to leave. Selective study is a very significant  and much deliberated-upon decision!

4) Leaves you with nail-less fingers

As you bite off all your nails when you realise you have 20 topics to study, with 5 new topics, within one-and-a-half days. Now is definitely not the time to think about that French manicure you were hoping to give yourself.

5) Teaches you what I call the ‘Hot Coals’ dance (includes a lot of jumping and incomprehensible verbal monologues)

Which you perform every time you can’t find an all-important set of notes or realise you’re missing out on a topic.

6) Makes you get Delusion of Persecution

You start suspecting all your classmates and feel they’re lying when they say they’re just as screwed as you. Everyone’s done everything…they’re just not telling me…lulling me into a false sense of comfort. EVERYONE’S LYING TO ME!!

7) Makes you form the perfect Itineraries

You plan all those DIY projects you have to do, and given a chance, you would just start them right now because they are so interesting and fabulous. So many books to read; you’re almost crying with frustration and cannot wait to get your hands on them.

(Side note : Why is it that whenever I use this word, itinerary, I’m scared it’ll come out as ‘itinerararary’? Not nice)

8) Alternate between periods of lethargy and hyperactivity

So, you begin with an energetic dive into your books and notes and you study feverishly, wanting to finish as much as possible as soon as possible. Very soon however, your back hurts, your eyes sting and you just feel…so…tired. So you take 5-minute gaps when you just stare at the ceiling and drool.

9) Curse a lot of theorists into oblivion

Poor them. They should have known better than to write so many theories and articles. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ll just come and critique some other theorist, hence necessitating the reading (and remembering) of twice as many theorisations.

10) Makes you lose track of time or become compulsively calendar-obsessed

Because you tend to study more in a day (under high-pressure situations) than when you have three days study leave. In the latter case, I tend to go gadding about, over-confidently believing that I’ve just got too much time, so I can must waste it.

11) Makes you hate music

Because each song you hear is guaranteed to dance around in your head when you need to concentrate the most. And really…have you ever tried studying/writing an exam, with JLo feat. Pitbull blaring in your head?

12) Makes you strike up conversations with random people

Because at this point, any conversation, is a good conversation. Any break, is a good break

There’s a lot more, I’m sure. What do you do during exams (except studying of course!) ?


3 thoughts on “What Exams Do To You

  1. Sanchari, congratulations on finishing your exams! I chuckled through your list! Talk to random strangers–that’s something I do and I don’t take exams! hee hee! I hope you will now be able to relax, do some worshipping, and enjoy the summer! By the way, drop by my blog. I think you’ll find my latest post interesting! :)

    • Thanks! I’m glad you found it funny!

      Don’t worry…talking to random strangers is an art, which many indulge in, including me (sometimes, if I can stop being shy and just open my mouth).

      Read your post and commented! It definitely is interesting!

  2. […] I digress, as usual. Exams are a topic I can go on and on about. And I’m pretty much doing all this stuff (see link) right […]

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