First-time Quilling & Resultant card

My first attempt at quilling has taught me one thing (apart from the fact that I actually have a lot of patience)…that I love it. Hee.

I knew about it since quite a while. But it was my younger cousin sis who sort of got me inspired enough to actually do quilling myself. She’d made this beautiful quilled card, and I fell in love with the graceful art form. So I really do have her to thank. Mini…thank you :*

And aren’t I supposed to be studying? Right? I am supposed to be studying for my final year college exams…yeah. But then what can you do when your fresh, new quilling strips and slotted tool call out to you everyday and finally seduce you completely?

What can you do?

You quill. And make a card. And enter it in a challenge! Yay!

Here’s my card. Making this reminded me why I love card-making so much.

And so I’m entering this in BGC’s Shaped Birthday Cards challenge. Coz’ I love octagons :)

Oh, and you should really go there and see the inspiration cards…so many shapes for the humble b’day card. Whoa.

And now I should go and study again. *sigh*


(I now blog about my crafty and creative pursuits at ! Do visit!)


10 thoughts on “First-time Quilling & Resultant card

  1. a fab take at the challange !thanks for joining us at BGC !!

  2. I’ve never tried quilling but I love the art you can create with it. Your card is beautiful! It’s great that your first time was such a success!

  3. thanks for playing along at Beyond Grey. This is an excellent job at quilling. Quillling never ceases to amaze me. Love your use of a geometric shape.

  4. Sanchari, I didn’t know what quilling was till I read your post. Oh my goodness, that is a gorgeous card! Who needs Hallmark when you’re making these beauties? :) I love, love, love it! How long did it take you to make this? This is truly creative! :)

    • Once again, your comment made my day. Thank you so so very much!! :)

      It was only making the individual pieces which took time (20-25 mins). Otherwise, setting it up was pretty much a 15 mins thing.

  5. […] made this card long back. So, taking inspiration from that design, I decided to make two photo holders, one for my […]

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