That moment…

…when something just doesn’t seem right.

WHY does my brain refuse to accept the fact that some people just don’t matter?

The people who matter will always be around, no matter what. And the ones who are not around, are not worth spending thought on. I don’t mean I’m going to go and ignore them if I meet them. But neither will I act like I’m honoured and blessed to have met them. They don’t care and neither should I.

Stoopid brain! >_<


10 thoughts on “That moment…

  1. Sanchari, I think you’re on the right track by acknowledging that some people are not worth you expending mental energy on them! Good for you! We must rid ourselves of these toxic folk! :)

  2. Oh man! That’s the worst. But I guess it would relate to this quote that I remember somewhere: “Those who mind, don’t matter. Those who matter, don’t mind.”

    • Yep…I do go by that quote. But sometimes it becomes hard to remember it :/

      • I totally understand…I feel the same way too. Sometimes I feel like I just write about the same things though, as a constant reminder to myself. (And yes, that is my name ;)

      • Yay! I know your name! (Sorry for acting mad) :D

        I guess everyone goes through it some time or the other. But it’s just as tough for every single individual.

        Well…here’s to fighting back and realizing our true worth and not letting malicious words affect us.

      • Haha, no worries! I never really told anyone, so it’s all good. I think I may have mentioned it in one or two posts or in a reply to a comment or something..
        Right I’m totally with you on that one, for sure!
        Hope everything’s well for you :)

      • Great! I’d like to believe those posts or comments were before I started reading your blog :P

        Yeah well…I guess I bounce back quite easily. So I’m good. Thanks for asking :)

  3. I have been going through the same thing. Thank you. You lifted up my spirits :)

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