Doing Something Creative : Modifying a gift for a friend

You know how buying birthday gifts can be a pain in the wrong place? Well, thanks to many different stores, buying pretty (albeit useless maybe) objects as gifts has become easier. So when one of my friends at college was about to turn a year older, two other friends and I went hunting for something to give.

We found her a…bangle box! (And a folder too, just FYI). It was handmade, with beautiful shades of blue and purple.

But it was boring.

So I decided to get to work…which was basically fun for me. Hee.

I’d been itching to try out these metallic markers I’d bought quite some time back. And this presented the perfect opportunity to do so. I just put on some simple floral designs (not being too sure of my drawing skills on something I was supposed to be presenting to someone). I also mod-podged it up in the end, so that the designs remained…forever.

But I think it turned out okay. At least it was prettier than the original.


Side (AFTER)

TA-DAAA! Whaddaya think?


(I now blog about my crafty and creative pursuits at ! Do visit!)



7 thoughts on “Doing Something Creative : Modifying a gift for a friend

  1. You really made it awesome!! :D

  2. Sanchari, I love the modification! But more importantly, you added your personal tough and I think this made for a special present! :)

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