When I started college, it was a huge change. New people, new place, new things to study. And I missed school quite a lot at times. Suddenly, some memory would take hold of my head and I would go spiralling around the web of nostalgia. I had known I would miss school…who doesn’t? After spending roughly 12 years in a place, you’re bound to have made many happy memories.

But what I didn’t expect was the strong wave of nostalgia which washed over me a few days back when our batch photograph was being taken in college. Now that I looked at the pictures, bitter-sweet memories keep coming in and I keep smiling. I will now miss college just as much as school it seems! Even though I’ve spent only 3 years here. I didn’t expect such a strong feeling of…loss, y’know?

Life keeps moving on, and people go out of touch. But then, it’s the tiny roots you keep sprouting out everywhere.

Wherever you stay long enough, you anchor yourself there by sending tiny little roots into the place. And then when you have to move on, you have to wrench those roots out and move on. Again, wherever you go next, you will, unknowingly and involuntarily, grow some more roots. It’s just natural.

I guess it’s these roots which help human beings become social beings. Without these roots, you’ll never feel like you belong. And belongingness is a good thing, right?


7 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Roots and wings – the secret of life.

  2. I didn’t have to see a picture of my school days. I was lost while reading. Went back to the classroom after the second paragraph, met a few friends (imagining things is good, i hope), a few teachers, the cricket mania, the food we ate, the bonds we built. And after all that, I came back to reading again – to my present roots :)

    Beautiful thought of a someone with a beautiful name.

  3. Sanchari, I think when we lay down roots, it gives us a sense of permanence. This in turn, allows us to feel more secure in our surroundings. That said, I love the idea of being able to sprout roots wherever we go; like making an imprint of ourselves!

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