Doing Something Creative : Diary Revamp

I love ‘revamping’ things. And I am particularly happy about this diary I recently took up and make a few changes to.

I had this old filofax from my school. They (the school people) gave the students these as school diaries. Having never really made much use of it in school, I suddenly made a decision that I would start using a diary for writing down To-do’s and events and birthdays and everything else. And I had a lovely leather diary with me already! I just had to buy a refill of 2012 diary pages.

But just look at this thing


Can you see the places where I, in all my hyper-childish-teenage wisdom, tried to cover up the word ‘Student’ (you surely don’t expect me to roam around with a diary which says ‘Student‘, do you? :O ), and the school logo (for some unknown reason I do not remember)? And cross my heart I don’t know how that yucky mark on the back came to be! But it’s ugh >_<

And so, I went to work. And look what I made of it!

And, because I have been currently obsessively watching craft tutorial posts and videos, I will give you a tutorial. It’s all very matter-of-fact. I’m just trying to seem very efficient and professional. Hee ^_^

First, here are my supplies! (Yay)

That is seriously all you need. And if you can’t find Mod Podge, no worries. Try some alternative. Maybe if you’re endowed with great patience and dexterity, you could use some cellophane sheet and stick it on.

1.  So, the first step is quite simple. I painted the diary all over.

I was sort of jumping with joy because I ended up mixing up a shade of paint which was pretty much the same as the original colour of the diary. I don’t really know how I did it. *happy sigh*

2.  Next, I used some pretty scraps of paper I had, saved up from some earlier crafty endeavour, and cut it all up *evil laughter*

Not to worry…I was very judicious and cut up only as much as I needed. I still have some scraps left. I think.

3.  Then, I arranged the cut-outs onto the painted diary in a pattern inspired by this pin here on Pinterest.

4.  And then, I Mod-Podged it all up

And it’s done! Yay! Yay! I like it!

The reddish edges on the white cut-outs came because I thought it felt too…white, and I just outlined them in red. When Mod-podge meets any kind of ink, it makes fuzzy, dispersed-ink looking stuff.

Isn’t it nice? Well, better than the original version, right?

Craft tutorials are fun!

EDIT (1 July 2012) : I got bored of the reddish blurry edges which I so loved in the beginning. So I made them golden…and I love it again now! 

Stop saying I’m fickle-minded. This is the final thing. No more changes! Really!

I used my beloved golden ‘Painty’ Pen, which is an oil-based marker and forms a coat of something on top. Whatever it is, the colour is brilliant and so is the permanence of the ink, which was very important because I haven’t put any Mod Podge over this ink now. 

[Edit 2 (September 6, 2012) : This project got featured on Amy’s awesome blog, Mod Podge Rocks! So happy!!]

(I now blog about my crafty and creative pursuits at ! Do visit!)


20 thoughts on “Doing Something Creative : Diary Revamp

  1. I am stunned! Wow! You indeed are a brilliant artist. Cheers!

  2. Dude this just blew my mind. To think of all of these that I threw away (in disgust, and with a feeling of relief)

  3. Superbbb.. You can start a craft business :) Where do u gt mod-podged??

  4. Wow! What an improvement. So cute that you didn’t want people to know it was a ‘student’ diary. Aren’t we silly when we’re young and naive? Thanks so much for sharing at Etcetorize.

    • Thank you so much Tamara! And yes…when we are young, we are so interested in growing up and not being associated with “childish” things. But then, after growing up, we want to be kiddish again :)

  5. This is too cool…Thanks for dropping by and joining my give-away! good luck!

  6. The gold ink is just what it needed!

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  8. Great idea! Kudos for recycling a perfectly usable object. Not only saves money, but saves on what ends up in trash. I have an organizer I am not too fond of now, so I will use your idea and make it new again. Thanks for sharing. Saw this from the Mod Podge Rocks link. : )

    • Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad my little idea could help you out in some way. Hope you put up pictures of your *new* organizer…would love to see! :)

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  10. I’ve never mod-podged before but I have SO many old journals that will soon be redressed so my 5 yr old will be more encouraged to practice writing. I think we’ll do this together and I’ll definitely make a post of it. :) Thanks for sharing your how-to!

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