What are you ‘destined’ to do?

As I told you all some time back, I had to go to Mumbai for my interview for an institute there. The trip was quite hectic, and taking into consideration the fact that this was my first ever attempt at a GD (Group Discussion) and formal PI (Personal Interview), let’s not even talk about the state of my nerves for two days.

So anyway, the GDPI went off quite well (I think), but more than memories of how it went, I carried away memories of a different sort. I made a few new friends, I got to learn a little bit of Marathi (Mumbai is the state capital of Maharashtra) and stayed in some awesome high-rise buildings (both my relatives whom I stayed with, live at the 10th and 8th floor. For me, this was really cool as Delhi doesn’t have too many high-rises. Mumbai however seemed to be made up of mainly buildings with anything more than five floors. Always).

I now realize that for me, more than this being a question of whether I’ll be coming to attend my masters course here, it was more about coming out of the life that I’m living everyday, and entering a totally new situation. It was a sort of…coming-of-age (don’t you dare laugh). After school, college was definitely a huge change. New people, new hangouts, new things to do. Life changed. And this time, as I went around Mumbai, I felt so much more grown-up. I never knew I could make friends so fast (though the fact that we had to wait for a few hours with nothing to do but chat might have contributed to it). And not just ‘you’re-sitting-next-to-me-so-lets-talk-random-stuff friends. I think I left the institute the second day with a wonderful feeling of having met people who would actually be friends for me even later on in life (we’re already back in touch, thankfully).

The day I reached Mumbai, I got to know that a person I knew there was no longer present; she had taken her own life. She was a bubbly, kind, happy person and I’m saying this after having met her only once. Memories of that one meeting with her kept flashing in my mind and I haven’t still been able to completely take the pain out of the memory. It’s surprising how some people can leave an  impression on you without having met you ever before.

But, this trip was quite something. Though I couldn’t go to many of the ‘touristy’ places, it was still wonderful. but I also missed my own city so much while I was there!

Can you ever actually love a place as much as where you grew up?


7 thoughts on “What are you ‘destined’ to do?

  1. I couldn’t imagine knowing that a person that I talked to once or twice had taken their own life. It must be so surreal…
    Anyways, I’m sure that whatever choice that you make will be the right one. OH yea, growing up in my hometown, I hated it. But now, every once in a while I actually do miss it. The only reason probably is because my family’s still there. Change is good!

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  3. I went to Mumbai once few years back, it is the city that amazed me the most. I loved every part of it, looking forward to go there soon, and all by myself this time, nice read.

  4. I’ve never been to Mumbai, but you make it sound intriguing. Will have to add it to my ‘must see’ list.

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