Serious Indeed

Did I mention I’m suffering from the Big Block? Writer’s Block, to be more precise. And of course weird, half-formed fears, anxieties and thrills related to the future don’t always help; I’ve either bitten off all my nails (and then mourned their loss) or have been spinning beautiful, hopeful dreams.

It is true then…writing about writer’s block helps you get some writing done at least. Thanks for the idea Darla!



Alright. Here’s a Calvin and Hobbes strip to break the tension (caused by me phasing out yet again and not knowing what to write). This is being called the last C&H comic. I am so depressed. I loved these guys so much.

Speaking of depressed, Y U NO LIKE MY PHOTOBLOG?? :'(

(Sorry. Couldn’t resist trolling. So many troll faces all around)


4 thoughts on “Serious Indeed

  1. Wrote about the big block myself last week. Conclusion I came to trust my self, which is not something that comes easily, take the first step, listen and you’ll know what to do next.

    • Yes, trust definitely does play a huge role here. And true again…it doesn’t come too easily. But then I guess you’ve got to keep on trying! :)
      Thank you for reading!

  2. That’s such a sad strip…I love Calvin and Hobbes!!

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