Guess Who’s Photoblogging?

Me of course!

Please do visit my new photoblog, Picturesqueness & Me. I hope you like it.

Photography and I share a love-hate relationship. It’s not a good thing that I still feel shy and hesitant about taking my time in composing a frame. But I’ve improved a lot in that respect. I’ve started asking the person(s) accompanying me to stop and wait till I’m done clicking something.

Well…here’s to me not abandoning le photoblog. Okay, okay…I won’t be pessimistic. Because this is something I’m actually looking forward to. Let’s shoot some frames!


2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Photoblogging?

  1. Sanchari, I enjoyed dropping by your photoblog! Lots of great shots you have there. I hope you keep posting. I have a photoblog that is sadly neglected cause I fuel whatever time I have into my writing blog. However, you’ve inspired me to post another photo soon! :)

    • Thank you so very much Bella! I cannot tell you how very happy your kind words have made me :)

      Ooh! I’ll be visiting your photoblog soon then! And I’ve seen a few of your photographs on your ‘Intentional blur’ post…they were amazing! Will be looking forward to your new posts…

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