With the coming of a very new world, even some viruses and bacteria have started evolving and walking past genial, well-meaning antibiotics or other medicines who are as old as grandpas (at least from the point of view of since how long they’ve been launched) and wrecking havoc on our bodies with the least bit of respect for their veteran enemies. These no-good bugs have evolved according to many doctors and all. Hence they are no longer affected by the medicines that earlier produced more-than-satisfactory results within no time. Goodbye dear old-timers. You need to retire and make way for a new army which is better equipped to fight these germs.

So, we can basically put it as this – staying around something long enough, makes you get used to it and then it doesn’t affect you as much. This may be for good or for bad. In the case of disease causing microorganisms, it is not good. At all.

Why am I bumbling away about germs? Well, putting aside the fact that I have a slight cold again (with my nose getting blocked and unblocked according to its own whims and fancies, but mostly making me roam around the house wheezing like a whatsit), what got me thinking of evolution was when I was in the train on my way to Madhya Pradesh for our recent holiday. Our train departed from the station at an inhuman timing which was sometime at the crack of dawn (we literally saw the ‘crack of dawn’. It really cracks in a manner of speaking. Suddenly, the sunlight’s creeping in. Good phrase. I approve). Anyway, the timing doesn’t really matter. That was just me whining. So anyway, when we were passing the beautiful green (or yellow, in case of mustard plants) fields, I saw innumerable scarecrows stationed at (supposedly) strategic points in the fields. And there were actually no birds on the plants.


You would think that having lived with these straw-headed, stick-sized things ever since their great-great-great-…..-great grandparents came into existence, this form of life would have gotten it into their heads that these straw thingies are not real. You meant to say that ever since scarecrows were envisioned and then created, birds have as of yet not realized that it’s not an actual person? What the hell happened to evolution here? I mean seriously!

Maybe they need Guidance Counsellors. Can’t you just imagine a person going and running amok in a field, encouraging his/her feathered friends to come…come and attack the bountiful produce of the earth? *sigh*

Maybe bird-sized brains actually aren’t a good thing to have.

Disclaimer : I love birds. I really do. But they need to move on


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