7 X 7 Link Award!

Oh my gawd!! I got an award!

This being my first blog award ever, I cannot express how happy I am! Thank you Ayesha from Aliza’s Window for giving me my very first blogging award! Ayesha’s blog is a wonderful read and her poetry is very intriguing. I’m so glad she thinks my writings are worth an award!

Okay now. It seems that the rules for this award are different on different blogs. so I’ve picked up the rules which I found most interesting. As I’m so very excited right now, I’m going to follow a slightly lengthy rule list. Hee.

The rules are the following :-

  •  Share 7 unusual things about yourself
  • Nominate up to 7 posts of your’s which you feel are worthy (Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Prideworthy)
  • Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and inform them

Alright then. Seven unusual things about me. Tough. But here goes:-

  1. I like eating biscuits which have gone soft and crumbly
  2. I don’t like bursting balloons or even having someone burst balloons in front of me. Yes. I’m very very weird.
  3. I love making codes. Which I then, inevitably, forget.
  4. I have a habit of reading the same book multiple times if I’ve loved reading it once.
  5. Have a fetish for earrings, shoes and bracelets (in that order), much to the chagrin of my dad.
  6. If given a chance, I’d most probably be able to gather the courage to go paragliding or bungee-jumping.
  7. I am fascinated by twins, triplets, quadruplets etc. I love the fact that you can have another person who is so very similar to you biologically, if not psychologically.

Now I need to choose from my (self proclaimed) brilliant set of  posts, 7 posts worthy of being mentioned. Alright then…

  1. Most Beautiful – ‘Memories‘. I’m very sad to say I’ve never really paid much attention to making my posts beautiful. But I guess the slideshow on this post has such beautiful pictures, it, for me, qualifies as the most beautiful post I’ve blogged.
  2. Most Helpful – ‘The Adventurous Life I Lead‘. This post qualifies as helpful because it tells you exactly what to expect if you ever try having fish. And that missing items do not always mean you have a multiple personality disorder.
  3. Most Popular – ‘Can You Ever Actually Move On?‘. I guess it struck a chord with many people.
  4. Most Controversial – ‘You Just Can’t Hate ‘Em‘. The controversial nature of this post lies in the fact that if and when my relatives ever read this, there will be some talk.  For sure.
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful – ‘Can You Ever Actually Move On?‘. I didn’t know so many people would be able to empathize, let alone sympathize. The support I got from so many strangers reaffirmed my faith in humanity.
  6. Most Underrated – ‘Walking in The Rain‘. I think it’s one of the best poems I’ve ever written. Though it’s true I haven’t actually posted too many poems online.
  7. Most Prideworthy – ‘Where Are The Men?‘. My first post to be hosted on another site. And also, I feel like this post sounds a little more mature than I actually am, which I’m rather chuffed about.

And now, at last, my nominations! I love your blogs guys! And most probably I love you too!

I’m sorry I couldn’t nominate more people. There are just so many fabulous bloggers. Keep writing y’all.

Hallelujah. I’m done. Yay!


12 thoughts on “7 X 7 Link Award!

  1. Congratulations.

  2. Hello Sanchari.
    I like your blog and I have nominated you for the Candle Lighters Award. You can check it out here (http://lostupabove.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/the-candle-lighter-award/). I hope you like it.


  3. Congratulations, you definitely deserve it!

  4. Awesome – thank you so much Sanchari :) This is my first blog award too :)

  5. Do tell me what you like about the soft and crumbly biscuits. I am dying with curiosity! Is it the sweet ones or the salted biscuits as well? Amazing!

    Thanks for the award Sanchari. May you keep writing and keep being you.

  6. congratulations and you are invited here http://wp.me/P1Dwwo-jn

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