Signing Off 2011. With Love…

This last year was a slightly confusing year for me. There were a lot of decisions to be taken, a lot of things to accept, a few eagerly anticipated surprises, a few amusingly shocking experiences, some goodbyes and a lot of laughter. It’s also been the year in which I changed blogs twice. Fickle-minded you say? Nah. I just wanted a place I would feel like writing. And I couldn’t find it. But now, I’m here to stay (whether you like it or not). :P

I’ve gotten a lot of love from a lot of people this year, and I’m thankful for every smile, every laugh and every hug. Thank you to all these people. They know who they are. And I love you guys forever :*

And most importantly…

I’ve also got a warm response from my fellow bloggers here, and I cannot express in words how wonderful it feels to have people read your eccentric writings and say something about it. Thank you…all of you. You guys made my day, many a day :)

I hope everybody has a beautiful new year, full of peace, laughter, love, prosperity and some more love. God Bless you all!

Happy New Year!

See you all next year! :D


4 thoughts on “Signing Off 2011. With Love…

  1. Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for stopping by! New year, new beginnings right?

  2. Hey Happy New Year! : )

    Hope you have an awesome 2012

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