Where Have I Been?

I’ve been feeling so agitated…I haven’t posted in SO LONG. I almost feel like removing that calendar widget on the right. It’s so. Empty *sob*

The reasons for being so lazy (or not) are the following:-

1. I went for a vacation  from 16th to 21st December. Where I didn’t have any access to any sort of computer and/or internet.

2. After getting back, I was trying to get over with sorting out over 700 photographs. Didn’t work. Though I’ve reached some semblance of organization in that regard (read : Have an idea about what all pictures exist)

3. Very very soon after this, I decided to fall slightly ill (again). Bad sore throat, headache accompanied by no fever (Hallelujah!).

Today, I’m feeling a leetle better, so here I am! But ugh…I have so much to write, and very little energy to do it. I was supposed to write a post for Christmas (which I shall do, never mind the day is gone) and then of course I want to write about my trip (which was very interesting and fascinating for a history/mythology buff like me) and then I want to be able to bring this year to a semi-organized end with another post. Blogging puts things in perspective for me y’know? So I really need to get down to work.

So please don’t hate me. Many (hopefully) nice posts are in the pipeline.

And hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Spread the love :)


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