This Is Still The Same Ol’ Blog

Only the title’s changed.

The last title didn’t really match up with my (self-proclaimed) breezy, hilarious, marvelous style of writing. So I got thinking. And all that I could think of was ‘I love butterflies’. Don’t ask me why I was thinking of butterflies with not a single one in sight. Heck, it wasn’t even daytime. So anyway…Butterflies & Chuckles it is!

(Going off on a tangent here) Did you know there aren’t many cartoons to be found of chuckling butterflies? They’re usually shown to be smiling like gracious, indulgent grandmothers or like simpletons or their faces are so tiny you can’t discern any emotion. They’re not laughing. That worries me…for some unknown, incomprehensible reason *sigh*

EDIT : I think ‘The Serious Butterfly’ sounds better. Because I’m not always going to be writing funny things unfortunately. Or fortunately.


4 thoughts on “This Is Still The Same Ol’ Blog

  1. I SHOULD mention that generally butterflies aren’t depicted as creatures of humour possibly because you may be the only person in the history of humankind who finds them funny. Funny? Really? Maybe if they were made by Disney, then yeah. Otherwise…*shakes head in disbelief*

    You know what’s funny? CHIPMUNKS. They are HILARIOUS. Oh and, and Frogs! ‘Cos wizard will turn you into one if they get mad you know? Sorry, but I’ve been watching Merlin too much, all this is stuck in my head….

    • I do not find butterflies FUNNY. Who told you that? I find them interesting…and pweety.

      Chipmunks was still okay. But frogs…I refuse to go that far with my likings. I CANNOT like a slimy-skinned, green…thing. *shudder*

  2. I like this name.

    I never imagined laughing butterflies. I think…..oooh my blog is linked here!!

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