Where Are The Men?

While studying my Sociology of Gender paper in college, I came across the term ‘Macho Man’, a concept trying to explain the personality traits of a man who is ‘macho’. There is a certain aggressive, rough demeanour which describes a macho man. But is objectification of women a just part of being a macho man? I don’t think so. A man who cannot respect women, can never hope to grow in life. But leave alone the perpetrators of crimes against women; what about the people who are aware of these crimes or are standing and watching? Why is it so hard for a man to go forward and stop some anti-social elements from eve-teasing?

Every now and then, there are men who actually act manly and step forward to help out those who cannot fight back with bodily strength. People will say,”How can you expect a person to get in to a situation which might very well turn out to be life-threatening, given the criminal background of many of the men who perpetrate crimes against women?”. I say, if there’s only one man, yes, it is hard to step forward and willingly put your life on the line for strangers. But what can a criminal do when every man walking on that footpath comes towards him, with anger in their eyes? Can one man or even a group of four-five men stand up against twenty-five to thirty men who want to teach them a lesson? It is impossible that a hoodlum has the courage to carry on his revolting activities in such a situation.

If I try to look at it sociologically (and try to sound a little more grown-up), I could talk of what French sociologist Emile Durkheim said – in modern society, law is restitutive (seeking to bring the situation back to normal as opposed to only punishing the culprit) mainly because it should “paralyze with fear those who contemplate evil”. Our judicial system has, sadly, become such, that even the part of setting an example for future malefactors, isn’t being carried out properly. Hence, it is in the hands of society itself to take up matters.

All the men out there…we girls need you to be chivalrous and brave. It makes us go weak in our knees much more than if you keep checking whether your hair’s looking perfect. And not just alone. Encourage all men to be Knights in Shining Armour. Because that’s what being a man actually means…treating your women well and standing up for all women whenever they need it.

This Blog post is part of the Men Say No Blogathon, encouraging men to take up action against the violence faced by women. 
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3 thoughts on “Where Are The Men?

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  2. That’s not only a problem in India I think.

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