The Utility of Clothes-Clips

I wish people would discover the use of clothes-clips. And not keep on grumbling about windy days. Windy days are nice, okay? If you hang your clothes to dry on your roof-top, without any clips holding them onto the clothes-line…well, the wind is hardly to blame.

It gets even more bugging when sometimes these people don’t know where exactly the piece of clothing’s fallen and implicitly suspect you of having stolen their clothes. Really? I have nothing better to do?

One of our neighbours came knocking at our door few days back to ask whether I’d picked up a T-shirt from our front terrace. (As a minor detail by the way, this guy came wearing a multicoloured lungi and a T-shirt). When I told him that we hadn’t picked up anything but maybe I could check with the people upstairs (my uncle’s family). At this, he calmly informed me that,”Oh no. If it had been picked up, only you could have picked it up. It had fallen here only”. Well, good for you dude. Maybe you could get a Search Warrant for my house.

The piece which is shown in the picture was something (was it a skirt?) which I found dangling on the plants just a few days after my charming conversation with You-Know-Who. I didn’t (couldn’t) pay much attention this time as I was on my way out for a doctor’s appointment. I remember thinking that I’ve got to pick it up when I came back. The fact that I didn’t find it when I came back is, of course, a different story altogether.


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