Convents v/s Co-Eds. An (hopefully) Unbiased View

I’m talking about educational institutions by the way.

Well, I’ve spent around 15 years of my 20-year long life in a co-ed school and then another 2 and a half years in a convent college. So can I really say which one’s better or worse? Or which one’s going to make a better person out of you? No, I can’t. It may be partly because I’ve had the best of both worlds I really can’t say either choice was a mistake or even say that any one of the two was the best decision ever made.

My whole school life was spent in the midst of a mixed gender population. And I had quite a few guy friends too. Hence, my first week in college was a bit of a shock. So. Many. Girls. Everywhere. And of course the topics of conversation veered towards ‘girly’ stuff. A serious debate about women’s rights suddenly changes course as someone says, “I can’t handle kids! So my husband better be ready for that!” and then all of a sudden everyone’s chatting animatedly about how many kids they want and what kind of lehenga they’re going to wear for their wedding.

You can be assured of the fact that I had a slightly fish-out-of-water experience for some time.

But then, you make friends. You discover what everyone’s actually like, under all the girly-ness. And you start being a part of the fun. It’s true. The fun I’ve had in college is way more than what I did in school! I do understand that in college you’re more well-placed to have a life of your own, more independence, more maturity (at least for some) and a new set of people to interact with.

In school, I was the quintessential introvert-a bookworm, shy, never the one to start a conversation. It didn’t always make me happy, being like that, but I never had any problems either. I made some of my most beautiful, closest friends in school and I was lucky enough to have been taught by many teachers who were almost maternal in their love for me. Therefore, here comes the first reflection – I don’t think I could have been a better person if I’d gone to a convent school instead of my own school.

But when I started college I was in a completely new world. I didn’t have any of my former friends in the same college except some who had been in my class sometime or the other. So other than a hurried ‘Hi. How’s it going?’ and ‘Oh it’s so confusing yaar! But it’s okay’, I didn’t have too many conversations with them. I made friends pretty quick (something I hadn’t expected) and so the feeling of not fitting in vanished just as soon. And after that, it’s been a whirlwind 2 and a half years! College has made me more confident. It really has. And the huge amount of fun that I’ve had here will be talked about over many cups of coffee over the years. I think the kind of fun you have in a all-girls college is a little different from co-eds. But it’s just as rocking.

The only thing that worried my school friends was the fact that I won’t be able to make a boyfriend for some time, now that I’m in a “girls college”. But frankly? I’m happier being single m/

So, if I’m to give my opinion here, I’d say that co-ed schooling helps make you more open and mature, but a few years in a convent college is an experience every girl should try for. It’s awesome


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