Classroom Interactions

Professor : Durkheim shows that it is the men who benefit more from marriage while women are actually adversely affected by marriage! The Coefficient of Preservation (basically, the tendency to not commit suicide) is higher among unmarried women than married women.

Me : Let’s not get married. It’s just going to affect us adversely. It’s only the guy who’s going to benefit from it!

Manshi : Seriously! Being single’s better. No fear of having a low Coefficient of Preservation.

Professor : It is having children which affects the rate. Women with children commit lesser suicide than women without children.

Me : We’ll just adopt.

Manshi : Yeah. That’s cooler.

Me : And we’ll be able to help at least one child!

Professor : Also, widowers without children have a higher Coefficient of Preservation (C.O.P.) than widows without children.

Me : The guys don’t even get affected by the woman’s death! They still have a positive C.O.P.!

Manshi : Probably having extra-marital affairs. Jerks.

Me : I know! *tsk tsk*

Professor : Girls, kindly pay attention!


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