A Study of Weirdos in Society

I just seem to meet the weirdest people around. I have no idea why.

Anyway, today was a pretty eventful day. There was a mouse in my room in the morning. I stayed (stood actually) on my bed till it had been coaxed out of my room and the house. I wish it well. I also wish it stays away from here.

So now coming to the Weirdness Dose for today. I was already in a bit of a foul mood, what with the sticky weather and then a few irritating juniors in college. All in all, I was just glad that college was over for the day and I could go back home. But of course, just when I’d reached the gate, it started drizzling. You know, girls have a tendency to take tiny bags to college, inside which nothing fits. So, they don’t have umbrellas. No, I’m not like that. I had an umbrella, which I gratefully opened. A girl was standing right in front of me, without an umbrella and looking up at the sky accusingly. The moment I opened my umbrella, she gave a small laugh and asked me whether I was okay with sharing my umbrella with her. I agreed and she happily scampered up next to me and crouched under the umbrella. She called her mother to ask why the car that was supposed to pick her up, wasn’t there yet. she then called the car’s driver.

“Where are you bhaiya? What’d the use of you coming if I’m getting wet here? Hurry up! Hurry up!!” (all this in an extremely shrill voice). She then asked me whether I was waiting for someone to pick me up too. I explained that I had to search for an auto-rickshaw. Here, she said, “Oh I hope you don’t get an auto!”. I just looked at her once, thinking whether I should say, “Thanks for your concern and good wishes?”. I decided against it and just thought about how weird some people could be. A few of my friends had now exited from college. They looked at the girl standing next to me and looked at me questioningly. They then offered to drop me off at a more convenient spot, from where I could get some transport easily. My umbrella-mate hears this and says, “Oh don’t go! No!”. I tell her, seeing some others standing there with umbrellas, “Why don’t you share their umbrella now till your car comes?”. She for some reason had taken a liking to me and didn’t want to leave me or my umbrella.

My friends stared and then one of them remembered that she had an extra umbrella in her car. My new-found ‘friend’ became very happy and started walking beside me, squeaking and squealing every two seconds as we walked through the (now pouring) rain to my friend’s car. Both the mystery-girl and I were half drenched by now. She asked me, “Where’s the car?! At the other end?!”. All her sentences ended in a squeal, I don’t really know why. When we’d at last maneuvered our way to the car, she got her umbrella, cheerily bid me goodbye and waited again. Sweet girl. But a little weird, yes.

Such rain!!


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